Incorporated Associations & Indigenous Services

Associations and clubs have long been, and remain, an important part of Australian society. There are many benefits for clubs and associations to become incorporated, but it is a matter of knowing what those benefits are. Whether it is contracts, property, financial obligations of members, investment matters or dealing with debts, liabilities and profit, Merit Partners can offer a wealth of experience and expertise in this area. Similarly, Indigenous services organisations can have unique requirements and responsibilities in areas such as taxation, financial reporting and funding acquittal. Merit Partners has the team to support and advise you.

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On Thursday 12 October, as part of the October Business Month Sponsor event, Merit Partners partnered with NAB for a very successful presentation to businesses and other interested parties on Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times. Merit Partners’ Director Rosemary Campbell launched the firm’s new Health Assessment which is a tool for checking the general health of a business. To undertake the Health Assessment for your business, contact us today at 89821444.